Dinner at Figaro – Review

Hey, everyone!!


[Allow me to apologize in advance for the blur picture.]

This is their specialty Cordon Bleau chicken that I ordered. In case you are unfamiliar with this dish it is basically a dish of chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in ham. The basic components of chicken cordon bleu are chicken, ham or prosciutto, and a cheese such as Swiss or Gruyere.

Although the name of the dish means “blue ribbon” in French, this particular dish prepared for me dissapointed me quite a bit. Besides the lack of taste for the ham AND cheese ( I had to go looking for it to make sure it was there at all ), the chicken was only so-so. Black pepper sauce was included with the dish, but could do nothing to help the chicken Cordon Bleau due to its somewhat diluted texture and mild taste. I’d say the home baked bun was much more memorable. However, the sauce did go nicely with the fries and salad (Maybe I got its purpose wrong).

If you noticed, the serving of the fries overwhelmed the size of the chicken. This sort of arrangement tends to leave me a tad bit peeved, because I’d expect a bigger serving of what I intentionally ordered. That and also, I don’t particularly enjoy eating fries (So, I may be a bit biased here). Hopefully, you can understand how I might have felt a bit ‘cheated’. However, the salad and the bun somewhat made up for it 🙂 The bun was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside! The salad was FRESH. Definitely a thumbs up there.


Here’s my mum’s grilled dory fish that came with roasted vegetables, two slices of bread and cream sauce (I think occasionally used in carbonara’s). I didn’t get to try it much, but it looked great 😛

I’m the kind of girl that will always have room for dessert. That night, I gave in to my guilty pleasure and decided to take up on the chef’s recommendation to try his swiss dark chocolate mille crepe cake. If the picture didn’t make your mouth water, its name probably did.

Mille Crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. The word mille means “a thousand” and crêpe is a type of very thin pancake originated from France. Hence, making it popularly known as the ‘thousand layer’ cake from France.

To be honest I’ve only tried two types of mille crepe cakes so far, but I honestly think this cake is the bomb. Unlike the other two crepe cakes I’ve had, this was the only one where the layers actually didn’t easily separate when you cut it or when it melts in your mouth. You could taste its chocolaty goodness (koko crunch commercial?) on almost every layer. It was soft and complemented with the chocolate sauce around the plate, it has topped my list of favorite cakes to eat.

Hopefully I can return for it the next time I can afford it.

What’s better than having a good dessert after a meal? Coffee to wash it down with. The waiter surprised my parents and I with free coffee upon serving the cake saying it was a gift from the manager. As if this night couldn’t get any better!
I was so tempted to order a coffee earlier on, but decided it was out of my price range for a cup of coffee. I’m so glad the manager gave us free coffee. You should have seen how excited I was 😀 Definitely made my day.

My most heartfelt gratitude to the manager!

In summary: 
I’ve been craving coffee and cakes ever since my dine in experience at Figaro. Their swiss dark chocolate crepe is really something & having a nice warm cup of mocha coffee to wash it down with, was absolute heaven. Although my real intention was to enjoy a nice good meal there, I’d rather come back for their pastries and coffee rather than their food.

Thanks for reading!  You’re amazing!


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