5# Coffee Chemistry : Signature

Hello, fellow foodlovers! :DD

Here’s just a simple food summary of today’s lunch at Coffee Chemistry: Signature! 🙂

Dad’s dish:


Butter herbal rice with teriyaki chicken & brocolli 

For someone as big sized as my dad, the small portion of this dish should be considered only a small appetizer! Not just for big sized men out there, even me! (Don’t underestimate my appetite).

However, my dad and I found that the teriyaki chicken AND the sauce was just TOO sweet for our taste. The rice was unappetizing.

My dish:Image

Beef bacon pasta

Perhaps my expectations was a little too high for this dish, because I had not touched a pasta dish in more than a year! I just wanted to take this chance to replenish my love for pasta, but this dish just wasn’t it. In fact, I may stay away from pasta for another year or so.

Mum’s dish:


Chicken ham and cheese, with sleeve of bacon.

The way the chicken was prepared is similar to that of chicken Cordon Bleau ( if you don’t know what that is you may refer to my previous post 🙂 ). The mashed potatoes combined with the brocolli was just enough to fill the stomach.

Verdict: So-so

Coffee of the day!

1. Cappuccino + wafer ( comes with Hello Kitty coffee art)


2. Mocha + wafer ( comes with Angry Bird coffee art)  Totally ruined my Mocha!


Verdict: Not as good as Figaro’s coffee (previous post).

Dessert of the day!

Espresso cake



The Espresso cake was alright. It consists of mostly of dark chocolate, same goes with the two rolled up chocolate wafers on top. Not too sweet, but you have the option of sweetening it with the super sweet chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce drizzled on the plate.

Summary & verdict :

The food was only so-so. I wouldn’t return just to eat there again.


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