My prayer answered.

Several months ago, I ended my last semester for the year. During which, as I was undergoing my final law exam, I accidentally and unconsciously knocked over both my student ID’s from my exam desk , because they were both inside the same lanyard, as it was a formality to identify the students by leaving it at the top right corner of the desk. It was a grueling exam and I was so relieved it was over, I did not notice it on the floor and simply left the exam hall. I did not realise it was missing until I was to place it on my exam desk during the next exam which was the very next day. It was a moment of confusion and panic I had to go through right before the examination &  I had to fill out an identification form during that exam. It also didn’t help that there was a huge timer projected right in front of me, reminding me of the time slowly slipping away as I filled out that long form with my identification details. I was relieved that that was the last exam I had to go through that year, which means I didn’t have to go through that & fight for time again!!

Back to my student ID’s, regarding to why I had two is simply because one ID was for the University I am currently attending and the other is for the other University I was twinning with overseas and will soon be transferring to. Hence, it is imperative that I get both my ID’s back before my next semester. I prayed very hard that it would both be found soon.

In hopes that a good samaritan may have found my ID’s and returned it, I checked the exam hall I was in & with the offices & departments in charge of Lost & Found, Student ID’s and the Exam Unit regularly for the next 2 months…. to my dismay, there was no sign of any of my ID’s. With each visit to the departments, I slowly lost hope. I continued to pray, but doubt set within my heart and soon I just kept a small prayer in my heart. With my next semester slowly approaching, I had to make the decision of paying for new replacements which is very very costly. In my heart, doubt made me question GOD. If he could do such amazing things, why couldn’t he help to return to me two cards?

Two days ago, I went to Uni accompanied with a friend, to make a new replacement for my current University’s ID card & for my friend to enquire about her next semester’s subjects. We were both from the same course. As she talked to the lady in charge, the same lady suddenly turned to me and said my name. I was taken by surprise as I did not recognize this woman & before I could say anything, she proceeded to telling me that my ID from the twinning University has arrived. This confused me as I have not yet paid or banked in the money for the new replacement from my twinning University. I waited patiently next to the lady as she fumbled through some stacks of paper expecting her to realise that she may have me confused with another person. All of a sudden she pulled out a sheet of paper and attached to it an ID. An ID with my picture & name on it. I stared at it in disbelief trying to think of how this all happened. The lady simply smiled at me and saying that the twinning University checked their records and realised they had not yet sent me my ID. This confused me even further. I racked my brain trying to figure out how this was all possible. I already received it two months ago! After signing the form to confirm that I have received it, I quickly scanned the previous records to make sure I had not signed it twice. I couldn’t find my previous record at all. After making sure this card was free and mine, I thanked the lady and left. I spent many days thinking about this and trying to recall my missing ID’s. I am very sure it was the same ID I stared at time and time again in the exam hall, now in my hand, brand new and free of charge. It was a miracle.

In the end, GOD may not have allowed me to escape this with my two lost cards and totally free of charge, but I managed to escape with one. And that’s enough for me (: 


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