Short visit to the Beach.



I was walking along the shore, when I saw a man cycle up to the dumping site, (at the far right corner of the beach), with a bucket of some of his junk strapped to his bicycle. I expected him to get off his bike and park his rubbish at the dump site like all the highly irresponsible residents living near the beach. What I didn’t expect, was that instead of placing his rubbish into the dump site, he went all the way out to shore and dumped his junk out into the sea!

It is times like this that I feel so ashamed to be living on this planet with such irresponsible people.

I find it so horrible & dissapointing that people who live in homes nearby the sea can find it in their hearts to create a rubbish dumping site at the beach within reach of high tide. It is no wonder the shore was scattered with so much rubbish.

I did my best to ensure that none of the rubbish polluting the beach would sneak into my shots (too much). I hope you understand how beautiful the place is & how it shouldn’t have to be polluted. Maybe on my next visit, I’ll take a few shots on the pollution to make a point.

Hope you enjoyed the shots!



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  1. These are amazing! What kind of lens did you use?

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