Lunch at Alexis part 2 – The Glorious FOOD!


I hope you don’t mind that I start off with the desserts first, because they were the highlight of the entire lunch!




This slice of Tiramisu has a nice mix of espresso and cream cheese to it. Although, it needs to be eaten with every layer for the full effect, or else it may be too bitter. The layers were soft & the added crunchy exterior of nuts and raisins balanced it out.

I give it a 6.5/10



If you are a fan of cheese cakes, I would totally recommend this to you. It is extremely soft and creamy and the wonderful taste of cheesecake is just wonderful. Though, the taste of cream cheese may become too overwhelming by the time you finish half of it.

I give this a 9/10

The only two main lunches that I managed to capture!




Overall Review:

The food was overall, alright, but a tad bit too overpriced for my taste!

Any restaurant that charges RM10 for a glass of coke, is much too pricy for me.

Hope you enjoyed the look through! 🙂


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