Developing future leaders – Day 1


Nothing inspires me more than surrounding myself with other students on a mission to become future leaders and help the community!

During the weekend, I had volunteered myself to represent my University’s Student body, Community Service Initiatives at Taylor’s University (CSI@TU) for an event called Student Development Empowerment Series. It was an event that collaborated with another student body, LEAD at Taylor’s University (LEAD@TU).

SO what is this Empowerment Series?
It is a 2-day power packed enriching experience involving mentorship, guidance and opportunity for students to invest in & make a difference through 2 student bodies: LEAD @ Taylor’s University and CSI @ Taylor’s University.
What is LEAD @ TU?
LEAD @ Taylor’s Univeristy is a premium leadership programme designed to nurture and guide students towards becoming exemplary student in tomorrow’s global environment.
What is CSI @ TU?
CSI @ TU stands for Community Service Initiatives at Taylor’s University targeting at youth service to enable students to step out of their comfort zone to bring about positive change in the communities around them.
It is a great combination for leaders-to-be to understand there is more to leadership than just learning the principles. Community service will help you get life experience to enable you to go further.
WHY are you posting about this?
I was one of the facilitators for CSI @ TU and I really enjoyed the experience and wish to share it with you, all (:


“Draw a picture of your cat, and I shall give you an interpretation of your personality based on that”.




LEAD @ TU (picture above)





CSI @ TU (pictures above, sorry for being a bit biased. Hahaha)


It’s also a great opportunity to take a snapshot of yourself with one of the speakers!
Guy on the left: Jason Lo [CEO of Tune Talk and Musician]


On another note, after reading a post on how disposable plastic is really bad for the environment a few days after this event (link below), I really really felt the heart ache of it all. I was quite distressed at the amount of plastic bottles totally wasted during this event (it was given to every person who attended). As a facilitator, my job was to pick up all the bottles left behind. I remember very specifically about 70% of the bottles given, only 20% of the water was consumed. Where do the bottles end up? Well, you don’t want to know.

I seriously hope to bring it up to the management team next time, to avoid any unnecessary wastage of bottles, or ideally, no bottles at all.


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  1. Thank you so much for fighting the good fight on bottled water!

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