We need CHANGE.

It is Malaysia’s 13th General Election tomorrow, 5/4/2013.

My only hope for each and every GE is:

  1. Clean elections
  2. No more race-based politics
  3. No more racial disputes
  4. No more corruption
  5. To see our Country prosper under competent leadership
  6. To feel PROUD of our country for once.


That is all, & I am very sure I am speaking for many people out there in my country. We’ve had ENOUGH.
This has been the first GE to have thousands of under age voters be so politically knowledgable and involved thanks to the media (social networking sites, blogs, newspaper…etc). Time and technology  has changed how people view the politicians and the government. Technology has evolved so rapidly, that politicians can no longer hide or cover up anything without the whole world eventually finding out about it. Whether or not the stories and the sources are credible, is another story. However, the fact remains that if not for technology, we would all still remain ignorant and in the dark. I am forever grateful to technology and social media right now. Thank you.

I am under 21, our future lies in your votes tomorrow. Nothing is impossible. 

Please vote wisely. 


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