World Food Day 2.0

I enjoyed participating in WFD myself two years ago, & I hoped to re-create that same feeling for volunteers this time round.

I had the most wonderful opportunity to participate in an event that could help end hunger. I managed to become World Food Day 2.0‘s event manager and lead alongside the Project director, this year. World Food Day (WFD) was an event held by my University under an organisation called ‘Stop Hunger Now’, whereby, volunteers would spend a few hours packing meals for the less fortunate. Seeing how the same event held at my University two years ago managed to pack 1 million meals, we had some pretty big shoes to fill. Back then, it was completely funded by the University (RM1 = 1 meal). It was a pretty huge event running at 5 campuses simultaneously and a whole day of meal packing.
This year, the event was going to be undertaken by my Student body: Community Service Initiatives (CSI), whereby we had to handle everything, including raising the funds to pay for the meals ourselves. It was a long and hard journey to the point, we definitely didn’t think we would reach our target of $30,000 in one month, but we eventually did it. One day before the event. Hallelujah!


1 child dies every 6 seconds.

Compared to that, our 30,240 meals are only a small tiny drop in the ocean. However, if more people managed to take up this project, I really do believe we can eventually reduce hunger and save more lives.

I initially turned down their request to become the event manager since they asked me two weeks before the event, mainly because I had 2 major assignments due the day before the event and because I was scared. In my mind, World Food Day was a huge event, and I just didn’t have the time. Also, my previous temporary stint as a wedding assistant didn’t convince me I had the makings of an event manager (You really need passion in that industry. LOADS of it).

Somehow or rather, I took it as something GOD was preparing for me. So, I took a leap of faith and agreed. I did my best using my previous experience as a WFD volunteer and the given guidelines provided by the organisation. I’m not sure I did very much because it was really a group effort. In saying so, I can’t be more proud of my team and student body for stepping up to the plate and delivering way more than expected. I am ecstatic that we had an overwhelming response of volunteers, and they really demonstrated their passion that day.

I sincerely hope our efforts managed to reach a lot of people.


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