L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit #3 – Review

Just a quick review on L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit no. 3# I received for my birthday. I was gifted #3 is for Blonde-Dark Blonde‘s because I have basically still have virgin black (blackest of the black) hair, so it may be difficult to see any real results. Asian hair problems. Take note here, I have Asian black hair and I have never dyed my hair before. So if you’re asian or you possess natural black hair, you can have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to turn out like if you use the no.3# kit.


I used the one on the far right 🙂

The Ombre kit serves as nice excuse for me to dye my hair without having to constantly dye my roots. And if anything goes wrong, I can still chop my hair off right? It’ll grow back.
The images below are the tools included in the ombre kit: (I apologise that the labels are in Spanish. It was bought for me from Spain)

*HOVER over the pictures to read the captions*

It comes in an easy to understand instruction booklet as well, so no worries! Sadly, mine was in Spanish and I don’t understand the language. You can watch a hands on demonstration at:


Basic rules:

  1. Mix the mixture together
  2. Apply on dry hair using the brush applicator
  3. Manage the brush horizontally at the ends, and vertically at the top end to enable better blending.
  4. Leave on for 25 – 45 minutes.
  5. Wash hair.

*HOVER over the pictures to read the captions*


  • It’s effective even on non-bleached / previously dyed a lighter colour hair
  • It’s fool proof (This is my first time)
  • It’s difficult to dye your ends completely if you have long layered hair like me. Came out uneven through the back. ( Advise you to separate your hair into sections first)
  • It lasts for a some time, hardly fading.
  • Unfortunately, causes dry hair after a few washes. Recommend you use some leave-in conditioner or hair treatment .

Overall, I rate this a 8.5/10.


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