And for dessert,… Pancakes!

Who said Pancakes were just for breakfast? I could eat them all day. Specially as dessert! @ Paddington House of Pancakes

  1. Caramalized Banana with Maple Syrup & Vanilla Ice-cream with a dribble of Strawberry sauce
  2. Dollar pancakes with marshmallows, nuts, strawberries, bananas & Vanilla Ice-cream & CHOCOLATE FONDUE!

I’m quite pleased with the desserts here as they aren’t as pricy as other stores or what you might think. Also, they’re quite generous with their chocolate 😉



The chocolate is in the process of slowly melting in… milk?ImageImage

Great to bring friends for dessert. The more people you have, the more desserts you can order! (Their not too pricy) 🙂
Though, I wish their service would improve a little.


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  1. They look so scrummy!

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