Blessed Christmas, everyone!

Since it is CHRISTMAS, the day of birth of our Lord & Saviour, I’ve decided to list the things I am most grateful & thankful for this season 🙂

  • Food to eat & a roof over our heads

Knowing that there are children & families out there who do not even have such pleasures, I am extremely grateful that I do not have to worry when my next meal will be, or have to sell any of my organs to survive. My heart goes out to those people out there! Jesus, bless them, protect them & make them strong.

  • Family & Friends

Thank you, GOD, that I may spend my days surrounded by family & friends. That I can surround myself with people that make me happy & show the best in me. May I never take them for granted. Not even once.

  • Opportunity to explore other passions

Now that my 2nd year of studies are over, I have dedicated my semester break exploring my passion for drawing, arts & crafts & sewing. Thank you, GOD, for my creative talent.

  • Life

Although life definitely has its ups and downs, we would not appreciate the good times if we did not have bad times. Lord, I hold on to your promise & that you would not bring us through challenges if you did not want us to overcome them.

What are you thankful for this year? 😀


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