Night shots of Orchard Road, Singapore

Being one of the most famous shopping destinations in Singapore, of course we had to stop by Orchard Road. Not to shop of course, but just to check out the night scene. By past experience, I always feel visiting Orchard Road should be done at night. That way, you are able to admire the night lights used to decorate the malls. Unless, you’re more interested in shopping. I’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Gorgeous lighting!

IMG_6653IMG_6654IMG_6655 copyImage IMG_6657IMG_6667 IMG_6669 IMG_6671 IMG_6674 IMG_6662IMG_6706IMG_6707 IMG_6705 IMG_6695IMG_6640

IMG_6700 IMG_6714 IMG_6723

After much, much walking, we return home via MRT.

So, what do you think??
Is Orchard Road more spectacular at night?


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