Tips on surviving Universal Studios Singapore

Hey, everyone!

If your goal(s) to making it out of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) worry free includes:

  • Maximising your time there – getting on every ride & watching every show,
  • Saving money,
  • Having tonnes of fun,

Proceed to reading my personal Guide to having fun below

Mind you, these tips only covers the important basics which I learned after having been there a few times.

When it comes to spending a lot of dough on a day out at the theme park, you’d want to make sure to make the most of it, especially when there is a time constraint for having fun. Check out their opening and closing hours!

(Weekdays: 10am -7pm).

Here are some simple steps you’d probably want to take to ensure you have no worries:

  1. Research. Research. Research.
  • Directions you need to get there from your hotel and vice versa. There are two main modes of transportation; busses & mrt. You can check if your hotel already has a free bus to Sentosa. That would probably save you a lot of trouble. However, if you chose to live in a hostel nearby an MRT like me, you can use that too! Just buy a ticket to travel (you can use it up to 6 times) and travel to Harbourfront. Walk to VivoCity mall, to proceed to Sentosa island via Sentosa Express ($4) on the 3rd floor. UNLESS you plan to take the cable car there ($26 per person) which will be a different location!

Sentosa Resorts World Singapore has created a useful page here that can help you with that.

  • The rides & shows you want to catch, as well as a restaurant there.

a. An example of needing to know your rides would be the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure ride at Lost World. If you haven’t already figured it out, you’re going to get wet. So, instead of having to purchase a raincoat or waterproof poncho for $3 there, I suggest you prepare beforehand and bring your own. Warning, this ride could have you soaked down to your underwear & feet. You have been warned. Bring extra clothes if you must.

Picture from:
Picture from:

Also, the last thing you want to happen is to look forward to a ride and end up not trying it because the long lines from other rides kept you from it or you got caught up in some performances all day. Of course I would recommend you try your favourite rides out FIRST thing when you get there. However, there are its pros and cons.

Pros – You get to enjoy yourself at the start of your trip & decide if you want to ride it multiple times after.

Cons – Everyone else has the same idea as you, so you end up waiting in line much longer. Unfortunately, USS has very few rides and even fewer popular ones. So, most likely, everyone will have the same favourite ride as you.

That being said, I would suggest you pay attention to the waiting times they will have displayed outside for your judgement. 40 minutes is considered very long on a weekday. Too long? Go take advantage of another ride.

b. Shows. You can’t miss them. PLEASE check the schedules the moment you walk in. Get the showtimes. Get the map. Plan it out! Make your money’s worth!
Some examples of shows: WaterWorld, Steven Spielberg’s “Lights, Camera, Action!”, Monster Rock, …etc…

Picture from :
Picture from :

c. Food to me there, is quite expensive for a mediocre hot dog or burger, but I suggest you keep an early eye out for the food offers and promotions so you don’t have to walk the entire theme park to compare prices / decide with friends or family, while starving. Do you want a set burger with fries or just a turkey leg from a stall? Average price is $10. There are food courts in every zone too, so you’re spoilt for choice (There are 6 zones, good luck).

You can get started on all that, here.

2. Prepare enough money.

    • Transportation costs money unless you’re taking a free bus. Make sure you have enough to get there & back.
    • USS Tickets – I purchased a promotional USS ticket offer off their official Sentosa Resorts World website, so it’s only $68 + $10 meal voucher + $5 retail voucher to boot, instead of the usual price of $74. PLEASE be careful of which website you choose to purchase from. There are many websites that offer the exact same offer. However, from personal experience, these tickets aren’t always genuine, and you may end up getting rejected from going in & buying a new ticket for the full price. So, if you want to be safe, purchase it from their official website.
    • Lastly, the priciest meal in USS shouldn’t be more than $20 per person unless you’re eating gold.
3. Comfort is key.

USS in a pinch – It’s hot, humid & sunny and you’re going to be indoors/outdoors waiting in lines or watching shows all day with a gazillion other people. I suggest you keep things simple, it’s not a fashion show, and wear anything that’s breathable or capable of keeping you cool, while not flying up and giving random people any free shows. Will you be riding on anything that will be running high off the ground and/or at high-speed? DON’T WEAR A SKIRT OR DRESS.

A  T-shirt, pair of shorts & some comfortable sandals/shoes is enough for a day of fun.

If you’re worried about your backpacks or bags, there are some rides that definitely prohibit such things, but no worries, lockers will be available. TIP– Bring some money for that too! If you’re wearing slippers, you may be asked to take them off before the ride.


4. Now here is a quick tip you won’t find at any other blog, due to this being from personal experience:

The magic hour.

What is ‘the magic hour’ you ask? Why, only the time where the entire theme park will become yours!
Everyone tends to leave early, especially on a weekday. So, if you have any favourite rides you’d like to ride without having to wait even 3 minutes to get on, this is the time to go for it.

It’s between 5.30pm to 7pm.

My friends and I used this magic hour to ride Transformers 4D 3 times in a row, Canopy Flyer 4 times in a row, and Shrek’s Dragon ride 3 times in a row, …etc…. without waiting. We stopped when we became entirely bored of the rides. Seriously, I won’t be coming back any time soon, simply because of that.


We did.


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