Blessed CNY!

Blessed Chinese New Year, everyone! May this year bring much more prosperity and abundance of happiness and joy to you and your family!

It’s wonderful to have the entire family come together for this occasion where just sit, talk & eat (Oh boy, do we EAT!). So, forgive me if I may not have captured enough moments as I was too involved in the eating & talking myself. I’ll try to come out with a short video of what a typical Leo family CNY is like. Until then, here are some shots for you to get a better idea!

My niece's first sponge cake :)
My 11-year-old niece’s first sponge cake 🙂 [Pandan flavoured]
Pai Ti
Mum’s Pai Ti. Yummy goodness.

Started off with a 2 hour drive back to my hometown, before having dinner with the whole family for pun choy, lou sang and of course, dinner.



Next day: Shots of how the family started arriving & filling the table for lunch 🙂


Meanwhile, in the kitchen:



Dinner @ Aunty Fatso’s Seafood restaurant.


Look alike?
Look alike?

IMG_7706 copy

What can I say? We love to talk & eat, eat, eat.

Small Family, BIG love (:

Blessed Chinese New Year.


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  1. Oh, those dished really made my mouth water. HaPPY CHiNeSe NeW YeaR.

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