Good Night

Hi, friends!

First off, I deeply apologise for being MIA for a while! I have got a lot going on lately (more than usual). Below are some of my reasons to back up my lack-of-posts and remaining blogger dignity:

  • I travelled overseas to study my final year in University.
  • So, I’m in the midst of adjusting myself to my new surroundings and the new culture.
  • While, sorting out my finances and other stuff.
  • Also, it’s summer here & I’m freezing my butt off. And 80% of my packed clothes are for summer!
  • I’m still soul searching and praying very, very hard that I manage to pass my re-sit exam and to GOD for guidance in terms of choosing electives for this semester.
  • + Learning to be self-sufficient (Eg. Grocery shopping, cooking and doing my own laundry)

Enough of my ramblings. Here are some photos I tried to take at night at an event while freezing to death. As mentioned above, my attire is not meant to be worn in cold and windy nights at approximately 12 degrees Celsius. My unusual sensitivity to the cold didn’t help me either! Just a chilly night spent at the Royal Croquet Club event while sitting down and listening to the performances, before quickly leaving due to the cold weather.


There weren’t much usable photos as I have yet to master snapping photos at night! Also, with cold shaky hands.

I promise a better post in the future!

Good night, friends.



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  1. Ahhh, all the best Mitchy!! KEEP WARM (the answer is SOCKS 8D) haha, love you lots ❤

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