Pancake party

IMG_9496ImageImageImage Hey, friends!

Decided to have a pancake making bonding session this weekend with my female flat mates using the instant pancake mixes that were on sale at the supermarket  to save costs. All you needed to do was add water, mix it and then pour it into a heated pan. Sounds really easy and fun right??  That’s what we  thought…

We spent about an hour experimenting and trying to get the right temperature, the right size and the right position in the pan to get it to turn that golden brown we really wanted. To flip the pancake was also another ordeal because it ended up causing wrinkles on the pancake and or altering its perfect round shape. There were so many failures, we had resorted to only making a single dollar pancake on a large frying pan, at one time. It was ridiculous!

In the end, we finally managed to get it somewhat right (after 2 excruciating hours and 18 pancakes later). Phew! & it tastes great! Definitely going to have another one soon (maybe next month) just to finish off the other batch of mixes.

How was your weekend??  (:


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