Photodiary: Hyde Park, Sydney

Hey, everyone! I can’t wait to share more of my amazing experience in Sydney with you. As backpackers who has done almost no research whatsoever about the layout of Sydney prior to arriving, we found ourselves constantly using ‘Hyde Park’ as a landmark between places such as; Circular Quay and Chinatown. Also, I am actually really, really fond of parks, gardens and forests, so I tend to use them as landmarks whenever I can. Naturally, I made it a point to visit the park during our second day in Sydney, so here’s a small, quick post dedicated to our exploration of Hyde Park.

Anzac Memorial

IMG_0419IMG_0442 IMG_0466 copy IMG_0485 IMG_0468 Hyde Park is divided in the middle by a road, so the park consists of two parts. These are some pics I took crossing that road to the other half of Hyde Park. IMG_0491IMG_0492IMG_0494IMG_0496IMG_0544IMG_0500
IMG_0579St. Mary’s Cathedral was right across the street from Hyde Park, so here are a few shots of it! Unfortunately no photography is allowed inside, but the inside of the Cathedral is as amazing as it is on the outside. If you can, do check it out!IMG_0584IMG_0622


Hope you enjoyed this quick post! See you soon!


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