Photodiary: Sydney Fish Market

The Journey from Chinatown


Sydney Fish Market


Seafood platter
Seafood platter from the Fish Market Cafe – Nothing too special about it.
Top half: Creamy oysters (smaller), bottom half: Salty oysters (bigger ones). I highly recommend the salty ones. Just ask the person behind the counter (:


(20 beautiful and freshly cut slices for under $14) You absolutely have to order sashimi from Peter’s sashimi bar. They are delish!
A whole fish for $7 if you don't mind the bones.
A whole fish for $7 if you don’t mind the bones.

Went outside for a place to sit and chill, andd bought a couple of cones because it was such a sunny day. I know what you’re thinking…. fish then ice-cream?? Yeah, we’re monsters.


The number of birds that come to feed on the seafood and unsuspecting people trying to dine outside is ridiculous. If you don’t want multiple eyes on you at all times and every angle whilst you eat your lunch/fish, I really recommend you dine inside, provided that there’s a place for you.

Overall, I think Sydney’s Fish Market is definitely the place to eat really fresh seafood at pretty reasonable prices. There are plenty of shops to choose from and it could seem a little overwhelming at first, but the prices are all there. I recommend you make a quick comparison between the shops, observe the people around you and what their eating before you make a decision. The highlight of the trip for me was ordering the sashimi from Peter’s. Would definitely come back for that. Other than that, the oysters (Peter’s) is pretty awesome too.

Thanks for reading!



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