Review: Lindt Chocolate Cafe

Hello, friends!

Here’s a quick review of the desserts we had at Lindt Chocolate Cafe (Darling Harbour) during our trip to Sydney!



It was Waffle Wednesday, so we decided to try Lindt’s home made waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream and their warm chocolate sauce. I expected a little something more from a famous chocolate cafe, but this tasted just like any other waffle I could order from a cafe. Maybe even less. I would consider this just average. Rating: 5/10




Lindt’s Chocolate Milkshake – Basically chocolate blended with loads of water and ice up to the point that it is almost totally tasteless. Was extremely disappointed in this, especially when it was described as ‘decadent’. I am quite surprised that I managed to find similar complaints online after returning back to Adelaide. I really had thought they were just having a bad day. Too bad I had not seen them sooner! Lindt really has to re-think using ‘decadent’ to describe their chocolate milkshakes. I do not recommend this. Rating: 2/10


Overall, I find that the treats that I had ordered were far too disappointing for that price. Would not return just because I am too afraid too be let down again. The view is great and the open space is great for having conversations though.

Overall Experience: 3.5/10


For more information about the shop:

Shop 104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour, NSW. 2000


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