Mount Lofty

IMG_2378 copy

Hey, everyone!

My semester is finally overr, which finally gives me the free time to share with you my latest adventures both in Adelaide and Malaysia (because I’m back for the holidays). Looking back, I’ve been in Adelaide for the past 4-5 months and sad to say, I have not explored very much of it. Since my exams has ended, I am proud to say that I at least managed to tackle a few before returning home from the holidays. Mount Lofty is one of them!

We did not have much time that day for a hike, so we drove right to the top to look at the amazing view:
IMG_2394 copyIMG_2392 copy

Futile attempt at showing you more of the beautiful view.
Futile attempt at showing you more of the beautiful view.

It is times like this I wish my DSLR had a built-in panoramic function(I cannot be the only one who feels this way)! My shots just does not do this place justice. Will definitely return to explore this place further.

On another note, it was freezing at the top (I could barely take photos without my fingers shaking), especially since it’s winter right now. So don’t mind us looking like we’re over-dressed for the weather.IMG_2383 copyIMG_2387 copyWill do my best to upload better shots this week, but my laptop and hard drive is currently being repaired, so until then, hope you can withstand the pretty low quality stuff here.

See you in my next post, friends!


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