Peacock Blue – Head Lines Salon Sdn Bhd

Hey, everyone!

Last month I had the opportunity to dye my ends blue.


  • It’s my last year of study.
  • I doubt any of my future employees would hire a crazy coloured hair lady to work on their accounts (Although, I can’t understand why).
  • Since I am studying overseas, I could not be bothered to continuously re-touch my roots. Thus, just the ends will do.
  • When my hair has suffered enough for my pleasure, I can just chop it off.

If this sounds familiar to you, maybe you ought to consider this 😉

It was a real challenge trying to find a salon that would be able to carry it out nicely enough, affordably and with a wide variety of colours on hand.

I had a consultation session at Number76 Salon prior to choosing Head Lines, but the price…. scared me away. I know it’s worth the money for flawless finishes, but I’m just not ready to spend that kind of money on my hair just yet. Also, they told it it would only last 2 weeks (MAXIMUM). If I were spend that kind of money, I hope it would at least last a little longer than that.

I would have opted to do it myself, but the thought of me handling bleach on my own and ending up with an obvious ‘I did it myself!’ finish was enough to convince me otherwise.

I was referred to this Salon by a friend who recently dyed her hair there, so I gave it a visit.
I’m so glad I did. They had a wonderful variety of colours for you to choose from. You won’t believe how even famous salons don’t carry this many colours. I was spoilt for choice.

Originally I wanted to dye my hair moss green, but they did not have it in a shade that I wanted. Blue became the next best thing.

If you managed to read this far, CONGRATULATIONS. If you just skipped everything until you found the evidence, I understand. Really.



My hairstylist - Leon
My hairstylist – Leon

What they did for me:

  • Bleach (x2) – RM80 per bleach
  • Colour – RM100
  • Trim – Free
  • Curls – Free

TOTAL = RM260.

How long will it last for? Up to a month if you take really good care of it 🙂 I recommend Argan Oil.

My hair had some shades of brown left in it, causing some parts of the blue to turn just slightly green-ish (in a good way). And to some people, it looks purple. So basically, I now have PEACOCK hair. 

My curls managed to loosen up a bit by the next day.
DAY 1 – We both had our hair done by Leon.
DAY 5 – What it looks like on straight hair.
What it looks like on straight hair.
DAY 19

Overall, I am satisfied with their work. So, I recommend you pay them a visit and check out their library of colours if you’re feeling a little daring 😉

P.S: Will let you know if it fades gracefully. Watch out for the tag #peacockhair


Head Lines Salon Sdn Bhd
23A-G, Block B, Zenith Corporate Park,No. 1, Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya,47301 Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
Tel : 03-7887 5998

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