Together we can make a difference!

HI, everyone!

I have news. Great news!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Michelle Leo and I have a huge passion for making a difference in this world; whether it be conquering social injustice, ensuring the sustainability of the environment from greedy corporations or  just smiling and greeting random strangers. I personally think the world could use a lot of good and I wish to be a part of sharing that with the world.

I have been involved in numerous projects ranging from teaching English for free to those who can’t afford tuition, to trying to eradicate poverty, and I never want to end it there. As human beings, I would like to think we should take the time to stop doing what we’re doing in our busy lives and genuinely help others. This is my goal for the world.

Last month I was offered the opportunity to use my gifts and talents to help the people in Cambodia next year, under a start-up project called LendASkilledHand (LASH). How great is that??! I mean anyone can volunteer themselves, but what makes this opportunity so unique is that it focuses on your unique gifts to serve others. In this case it is my creativity and experience in dealing with children.

Now, here’s the catch.

The total costs of the trip is $700. I have only managed to cover $300 of the costs. In other words, I need a remaining $400 by January.

With nobody else to turn to, I created a Fundraising campaign online to help me raise enough funds to go in the trip.

I give you my absolute word that I will be nothing but selfless on the trip and give my all to the local community of Cambodia.  I know you’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but every dollar truly does count and every dollar does make a difference. I would genuinely appreciate with all my heart and soul if you could give to this cause, and share this on social media. I will not pressure you to donate, but I do hope you are willing to partner with me to make a difference in Cambodia together.

You’ll be able to find more information in the link below:


An insane amount of genuine and heart-felled THANK YOUUUUS in advance.


Michelle Leo.


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