Finland, Helsinki

Finland, Helsinki

Besides the Gallery I have included on top, I shall include the highlights of the trip in the post below since it was such a short trip! First, we took the Viking line to Finland from Norway [You can find my previous post on Norway and Sweden under the same page Travels. It was an overnight stay on the boat and we could only spend four hours in Finland before having to leave again. IMG_4102 copy IMG_4139 copy This is a wonderful and friendly Finnish lady who treated us to tapas on the boat (Sitting on the right)! She also gave us a short tour upon arriving in Finland. I hope we get to see her again 🙂 On another note, the viking buffet (dinner) is absolutely splendid! Totally worth the money. Also, eating on a boat is an experience I will never forget. Watching beautiful scenery at sunset on a moving boat while surrounded by endless trays of food, is really great. Add eating on a moving boat to your bucket list people! IMG_4270 First place we decided to visit after asking for directions at the Information booth is the famous Rock Church! Imagine people being able to worship in this beautiful place! It’s no wonder it’s constantly booked for weddings. In fact, we had to wait for a wedding to end before entering, which ended with the bride being escorted out into a police car. I have no explanation for that.  We only had 15 minutes to explore this place before being led out for the next wedding. If you plan to visit this place, be careful of their schedule 🙂 IMG_4330 We didn’t have enough time to explore other locations (also, some were closed on weekends. Bummer.) so we ended up spending the last hour or so shopping at Stockmann and other shops and just enjoying the scenery. That’s pretty much it for Helsinki. See you again, next time!


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